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Need for Speed

The need for speed in the hiring lifecycle has become vital. With thousands of job opportunities available to candidates with a click of the mouse, shortening the duration between application to onboarding is necessary for ensuring you secure your ideal candidate. At Otterbrook, we can help you do that.

Currently, we have access to millions of candidates across North America actively seeking new engagements. By utilizing specialized search processes, we are able to pinpoint candidates matching the specific needs of your vacancy and organization.

We provide managers with a pre-qualified and pre-screened shortlist of candidates to eliminate the headaches of inbound search methods. Rather than spending time sifting through thousands of applicants, we identify the candidates of best fit for you.

Finally, the importance of candidate management. Understanding the candidate’s needs, wants and current positioning in the job market is necessary to avoid delays later on the process. We are in constant communication with candidates throughout to ensure a smooth interview and onboarding process.

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