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Navigating AI in 2023: Innovation & Workforce Resilience

2023 has been a year full of innovation regarding AI tools and implementations that seem to be causing more fear rather than optimism. Job loss concerns have been a significant factor leading to discussions and negotiations in various industries, including entertainment. Labor unions, such as those representing Hollywood writers and actors, have been advocating for safeguards regarding the use of AI.


The notion that AI will entirely replace human workers seems relatively far-fetched as compared to enhancing their abilities. Advanced tools are more likely to enhance productivity rather than lead to substantial job losses. This perspective challenges the prevalent fear of job displacement. The uncertainty about the future implications of AI can be a key factor contributing to the overall lack of AI adoption in various industries. 


Even within AI companies, internal conflicts and concerns about potential risks associated with their technologies have arisen. For instance, AI firm ChatGPT faced internal strife when its CEO clashed with the board over the company's direction and the perceived risks of AI. Governments are also actively addressing AI-related fears, with regulatory measures being implemented. The European Union, for example, recently reached a deal to regulate AI and introduced fines for violations, particularly in areas like facial recognition and biometric identification tools. Similarly, Canada has established guidelines, including a voluntary code of conduct for AI developers, to mitigate risks associated with the technology. 


Overall, an increased scrutiny and regulatory attention can indicate a growing awareness regarding the potential impact of AI. As AI becomes more widely relied on, companies will need a workforce that understands how it can be used for productivity. Building a workforce that can use AI may be difficult for some companies, we at Otterbrook can simplify that staffing process. Feel free to reach out to one of our Partners and we’d be happy to see how we can help your business needs. 

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