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Jobs on the Rise in Canada

With recent IT layoffs from top software and IT companies in Canada and the US, many job seekers affected may be looking into alternative career paths. Linkedin released the top 20 jobs on the rise in Canada with many being very stable and sought after careers.

At Otterbrook, we specialize in providing valuable assistance to companies across diverse industries, spanning a wide array of roles. Some of the roles listed in the top 20 happen to be Otterbook's area of expertise. These roles include:

  • Data Management Analysts

  • Engineering Coordinators

  • Electrical Design Engineers

  • Sales Development Representatives

  • Water Resources Engineers

  • Cyber Security Analyst

  • Customer Experience Specialists

Otterbrook offers a tailored search approach for both our candidates and clients, ensuring candidates find meaningful opportunities with the right companies. If you are currently pursuing any of the above jobs, our partners at Otterbrook would be happy to chat on how we can help.

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