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Improving Your Interview Performance

The perfect resume can only get you so far. Often, candidates fall short during the interview stage due to a lack of preparation, here’s how to impress during your next interview:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the job description. The must-have skills section of the job posting will list exactly what they are looking for in their ideal candidate. It is vital to understand the listed skills and draw conclusions on how you have performed these in your current role and prior work experience.

  2. Research the company. Not only are hiring managers searching for candidates with the required skills, but also ones who are interested and passionate about their company. Understand exactly what is that they do, their company values and come to an honest conclusion about why you would like to work there.

  3. Present yourself well. Whether your interview is in-person or virtual, it is important that you bring the best version of yourself to that meeting. Arrive early, dress appropriately, declutter your office space and set a professional backdrop.

  4. Exert confidence. Now that you know what they are looking for, have an understanding of the company and are ready to present yourself physically and mentally, you are ready to perform. You have prepared yourself as best you can for this meeting, speak slowly, clearly and concisely and you are bound to impress.

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