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Exciting News for Canada's Job Market

Canada's job market is on the move! According to Statistics Canada, April saw an astonishing addition of 90,000 jobs, surpassing analysts' expectations by five times. This surge marks the largest monthly jump in 15 months, painting a promising picture for economic recovery.


While the unemployment rate remained steady at 6.1%, the gains were notable in sectors such as professional, scientific, and technical services, along with accommodation and food services.

However, amidst this growth, wage growth hit a 10-month low, suggesting a potential relief for the Bank of Canada in managing inflation pressures.

At Otterbrook, we're dedicated to helping companies seize these opportunities by connecting them with top talent. With a keen understanding of the evolving job market landscape, we're poised to assist in filling open positions swiftly and effectively.

If your company is looking to capitalize on Canada's burgeoning job market, let's collaborate! Reach out to us today to explore how Otterbrook can support your recruitment needs and drive your business forward.

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