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Cost-Benefit Analysis for Otterbrook

Updated: Jun 7

Effective recruitment is fundamental to organizational success and without the correct recruitment methods, message and target, your organization is wasting valuable time. Here are some of the associated costs with recruitment.

  • Time and productivity: On average, managers spend 42 days hiring a single position according to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In terms of salary allocated to recruitment, 42 days is significant.

  • Misaligned Hires: Hiring the wrong candidate is extremely draining. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average cost of a bad hire is roughly 30% of the hire’s first-year earnings.

  • Background checks: Conducting background checks on potential candidates, including criminal record checks, employment history verification involves fees.

Benefits of Working with Otterbrook:

  • Time and productivity: Our team handles time-consuming tasks such as resume screening, conducting initial interviews, and checking references. Meaning all the employer needs to do is interview and hire their favourite candidates. Rather than a 42 day hiring process.

  • Misaligned Hires: Otterbrook offers coverage for a potential misaligned hire, eliminating further recruitment costs. This will mitigate the risk for employers and provide additional peace of mind.

  • Background checks: Otterbrook covers the background check with an external agency to ensure our candidates are who they say they are.

At Otterbrook, we would be happy to handle recruitment needs, while saving time and resources for your organization. Please reach out to one of our partners through our contact page to learn more.

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