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4 Keys to Optimizing Your LinkedIn

Over 3 million candidates are hired from LinkedIn every year. Here’s how you can optimize your profile and instantly see more traction on the job market:

  1. Expand your experience section. Include a project description, list of responsibilities and the tools and technologies used. This allows recruiters to see a simplified breakdown of what you do immediately upon viewing your profile.

  2. Set your profile status to open to work. You are able to customize who can and can’t see this, showing recruiters that you are on the market without jeopardizing any current relationships.

  3. Consistently update your list of skills and complete skills assessments. Your skills and endorsements section can give a big-picture view of what you do, don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements or profile recommendations.

  4. Be active. Recruitment teams are often on tight deadlines, being as responsive as possible when in communication with recruiters will lead to more success.

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